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Console Design Information

In the area of Communications Control Center "Furniture" there are basically three concepts, each may be configured with a variety of tabletops and writing surfaces.

1. Metal (or laminate) Bay equipment enclosures.

2. The office style furniture concept.

3. Integrated office style furniture with equipment enclosures.

American Wireless Inc. has an ever-expanding product portfolio, developed with over 35 years of direct experience in supporting the Control Center Console industry.

Our products are intended to complement all makes of Control Center Electronics by providing custom configured furniture and accessory items.

We have available:

• A wide variety of metal bay enclosures integrated with custom writing surfaces, cabinets, equipment mounting configurations and a host of accessory products.

• Standard or specially configured laminate enclosures and cabinets with EIA or custom rack mounting facilities.

• Writing surfaces and tabletops in a variety of materials and colors.

• Standard and custom made accessory items to complement Control Center Console Installations.