Metal Standards

EIA Standards
EIA Standards

All American Wireless console metal furniture bays are constructed using a combination of 11 and 14 gauge cold rolled steel, unitized/welded construction.

Our manufacturing process is in compliance with IS09001 standards and AS9100 certified quality. American Wireless Console Furniture Systems are completely assembled and staged for quality inspection and conformance to plan prior to shipping.

The modular cabinets are professionally packed, ready for easy field installation.

Detailed plan drawings sent with the console make for simplified cabinet placement to plan.

Laminate Standards

Basic Laminated Product Specification

Surface Material shall be pressure laminated plastic conforming to NEMA LD3-2005 standards, minimum .042 “ in thickness. (Formica, Nevamar, Wilson Art.)

Core material for writing surfaces, shelves and cabinets shall be a minimum of 11/16” on a stable plywood combination core (7 or 9 Ply) suitable for laminate panels. (Classic Core or equivalent)

Plastic laminate is to be cold pressed on both sides for stability.

Backing sheet shall be a minimum OD (.420) thickness conforming to NEMA LD-3 latest edition.

All Grommets to be Doug Mocket (or equal) plastic with cover cap sizes as per / plans.

Bull nose to be 1½ “ with 2 “ radius outside corners with clear finish, Red Oak, splinted and attached with wood glue, no surface fasteners used.

All connectors to be KV 516 draw bolts (no T-Bones) with alignment dowels or biscuits.

Laminate Products

Laminated products produced by American Wireless are manufactured in compliance with the highest quality standards available. There are many factors governing the selection of the base materials used in manufacturing these products. The three most critical areas can be summed up as:

Weight / Physically resilient / Moisture resistant tolerance

The weight of an assembled laminate product seems to be a principle factor in damages incurred in shipping. By reducing the weight we are able to provide a more securely packaged product insuring minimum in transit damage from shippers. While damages resulting from handling by freight handlers are insurable, the time lost in project delays while waiting for a replacement product to arrive can have a serious impact upon a project.

Using the product weight as a driving factor to move our laminated products towards a different structure we explored the requirements used for Military and Naval laminate products and determined that conformance to the NEMA LD-3 standards would not only resolve the weight problem but deliver a more physically resilient product that had greatly improved tolerance to moisture.

American Wireless laminated products used in Communications Consoles are now fully compliant to current NEMA LD-3 standards. These products cost more to build than the industry grade particle board most commonly used but we believe that the benefits in quality more than balance the cost.

We are doing our best to keep our product pricing as competitive as possible while delivering the highest quality product on the market to you our customer.

American Wireless has delivered many laminated products using high quality particle board and we may continue to use these materials in selected applications where applicable.