A single Xtra-Link™ Multi Connect provides connectivity between a Cellphone, Nextel PTT handset, telephone or VoIP Next-Link™ and multiple LMR systems.

· The Xtra-Link™ Multi Connect units use DTMF control to link the Land Mobile Radio systems to the other LMR Systems and the Next-Link™ Console. No software setup is required, just plug and play.

· Each radio port can control the link status of any port connection. The Next-Link™ Connect port has supervisory control of the Xtra-Link™ Multi Connect.

· Xtra-Link™ Multi Connect units can be bridged to facilitate additional ports.

· Applications such as government jump and run (deployable suitcase systems) are perfect for the Xtra-Link™ Multi Connect Interface Console.

PDF Product Brochure [68 KB]