American Wireless is pleased to present the Mutualink interoperability solution especially packaged for you - the iNTRlink way.

iNTRlink is American Wireless' configuration of emergency communication solutions that unite First Responders, Schools and Universities, Hospitals, Federal, State and Local Governments, Major Transit, Malls, Stadiums and Corporate Campuses onto a secure and interoperable communication platform.

Incident preparedness and management is revolutionized by enabling direct IP voice and text communication among control points throughout a community and facilitating resource sharing across a wide-range of communication equipment, content and methods including existing two-way radio, video and telephone systems.

iNTRlink’s unique combination of an affordable and flexible pricing model, local resource control and an easy-to-use graphical user interface will enable iNTRlink to gain wide-spread adoption and viral growth within and among communities.

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