Specialty Products Engineering, Design, Development, Prototyping and Production

American Wireless has over 40 years experience in design, engineering and manufacturing custom wireless communications products and systems.
RF Equipment design for short range and medium range wireless interconnect devices that are purpose built for the customer application, including RF amplifiers and attenuators, frequency shifting up-down converters, frequency filtering, detection and isolation devices.
Satellite Radio Communications including LEO Transceivers.
Audio and Video special application products.
American Wireless' expertise and experience on Digital Logic assures the best most economic design approach on any project.System Solutions

AWI has an excellent track record of delivering outstanding system solutions to our Clients.

The community based peer-to-peer multi-media incident management platform iNTRlink is a prime example of an innovative, very cost effective approach to the to the complex world of interoperability.

Nextlink and Extralink are plug-and-play subscriber based interoperability solutions that do not require any technical setup or configuration.

ACM4314 Remote RX Monitor System - PDF Product Catalog [160 KB]

ACM4330A LMR RRX Module Assembly - PDF Product Catalog [328 KB]

American Wireless Specialty Products Design - PDF Product Catalog [59 KB]